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[Fic] Maou Misadventures - Stupid wimps... can't even write a good fanfic. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Fic] Maou Misadventures [Jul. 15th, 2006|03:55 am]
Write something, you wimps!!
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Title: Maou Misadventures
Author: Crystaltear
Rating: G
Word Count: 709
Challenge Prompt: Crossovers, for writeyouwimps
Summary: Yuuri gets sucked into Feudal Japan and learns of things even more dangerous than Anissina's inventions. Kyou kara Maou/Inuyasha Crossover.
Warnings: Pure crack. This is all Jen's fault.

By his second year of going between Shin Makoku and Japan, Yuuri grew rather accustomed to the sudden transfers between his two worlds. Although the spots of his arrivals and departures changed frequently, he learned the handful of spots that he was dumped into--lakes, pools, baths--and became aquainted with the ones near his homes so that he could always find his way back. So, when the young king ended up someplace entirely new--in an unfamiliar well, which connected to a very unfamiliar world, the urge to panic was pretty hard to resist.

"Please don't tell me I'm the king of something for this place, too!" he cried as he pulled himself over the ledge of the well and looked around.

The fact that the well no longer had any water in it besides the small puddle he traveled through presented another problem, but he had learned that there was always a purpose to his travels, and he always returned to where he needed to be once it was complete. So for now, he was not panicing. Yet. But he really wished someone was there with him--he wasn't all that great at defending himself, despite being really good at getting into bad situations.

Just as he was about to go wondering to find someone for help, the sound of a girl shouting in Japanese caught his attention. He breathed a small sigh of relief--perhaps he had just ended up on the wrong side of Japan.

His idea seemed to be confirmed as he saw a girl about his age come up the hill wearing a Japanese school uniform, but it all went awry when he saw her companion was sporting what looked very much like dog ears and a funny outfit. Yuuri didn't even bother to try to convince himself that this was a theme park, or that the boy was in cosplay; past experience squashed that hope.

This was definately not Japan.


Actually, it was Japan the Maou had been sent to, just not the present year. As luck would have it, he had fallen into what seemed to be someone else's mode of travel, and it felt nice to know someone else other than him and Murata randomly jumped between a normal life and something else entirely. Kagome, the other traveler, was a bit short-fused in her temper, but otherwise was very pleasant and listened intently to his story before sharing her own. Her..protector, he supposed, was somehow even more short-tempered and Yuuri got the distinct impression that he--Inuyasha, that was his name--wanted Yuuri gone as soon as possible. He once again wished someone else has gotten pulled into this world, especially when he barely escaped certain death by the boy's huge sword when curiousity had him rubbing the half-demon's soft ears.

'I wish Morgif transformed that easily!' Yuuri thought dispairingly once he was out of harm's way. He watched as Kagome screeched at the other boy, calling him an idiot and telling him he needed to learn manners. Yuuri cringed at the familiar tone and began to really feel guilty as she poked Inuyasha in the chest to emphasize each point she made.

'At least she doesn't call him a wimp,' he mused as Inuyasha began to shout back, and it was then that Yuuri realized the two were bickering on equal ground, so it really wasn't so bad.


Of course, as soon as he thought that, something would have to contridict him. Yuuri watched in confusion as Inuyasha met the ground with a painful thump, and wondered just how it had happened. Looking at the two glaring at each other heatedly, he decided then would probably not be the best time to ask.

When he finally did find the nerve to inquire about the exchange, Inuyasha huffed in annoyance, but Kagome had a very satisfied look upon her face while she explained the powers of the necklace around the half-demon's neck. Yuuri shuddered at the thought of such a thing in Shin Makoku; Wolfram would be thrilled, and Yuuri imagined he would be in a lot of pain.

No matter what, he was going to make sure nothing like that went back with him.