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Night and Day prompt - Stupid wimps... can't even write a good fanfic. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Write something, you wimps!!

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Night and Day prompt [May. 27th, 2006|09:29 pm]
Write something, you wimps!!


Here's my fic for the latest challenge at writeyouwimps.

*sings* A little bit of Julia in our lives...a little bit of Yuuri on the side...

So, yeah, it's about Julia and Yuuri. It's a really weird comparison.

Title: Lights

Author: me! saiika_von_maou!

Rating: K

Spoilers: You'll want to know who Julia is and her connection to Yuuri...

Wordcount: 643

Challenge Prompt: Night and Day

Summary: A little comparison of Julia and Yuuri. They share the same soul, but the light they gave everyone is a little different...

“I may not be able to see it…but I feel its light.”

Julia von Wincott loved to feel the moon’s gentle presence at night. She was a woman of serenity. The moon was likewise.

Conrad remembered that the most about her, and in the fondest way. He pictured her standing on the balcony especially vividly, for they had stood under the full moon’s gaze not long before she died. Standing there, sharing that wonderful and rare peacefulness was one of the most treasured memories Conrad kept of her.

They talked for a good long time that night, forgetting the world’s troubles as well as their own for a little while. Julia did most of the talking, because Conrad liked to listen; and she talked about a great variety of things. But the things that stood out in Conrad’s mind today, were her revelations on the moon that had hovered above them.

“Its light seems to shine so personally, doesn’t it? Sometimes its light weakens, and sometimes it even disappears. I always know when it’s gone because on those nights, I feel strangely restless. My heart lights up again when it returns. Do you feel that way too, Conrad?”

“I’ve never thought of it that way,” Conrad had replied, looking from her to the crystal-white globe in a tranquil sort of awe. “But, yes, I see what you mean. Its absence…makes you love it more?”


She was just like the moon in every respect, Conrad had decided. She was so beautiful and soothing, that her death made everyone adore her even more. In the same way she missed the moon while it was gone, Conrad missed her.

But the kingdom had her very soul in its king. But he had a different sort of light than Julia.

“May you be everyone’s shining sun.”

Yuuri loved the sun. Any day it shone signified a perfect day where he could run around and act as childish as he pleased.

Conrad remembered one specific day that it rained in Shin Makoku. A particularly lazy day; even Günter found nothing to pile on His Majesty, and the devastatingly bored king had found a window to sulk by. When asked what was wrong, he sighed deeply.

“It’s raining out.”

“Well…yes, it is, but I’m sure there must be something to do. Why don’t you find Greta?”

“She dragged Wolfram off somewhere; I can’t find either of them. I just wish this rain would clear up so I can throw a ball around or something…”

“There’s no reason you can’t do that in here, is there?”

Yuuri had stared at Conrad as though this were the most ridiculous thing he’d ever heard, which confused Conrad. Yuuri had already begun a very animated explanation as to why that wouldn’t be so fun.

“It’s so much better when you can run around and play baseball outside, in the sunshine,” he had explained. “When it’s all bright and sunny you feel really energetic, and it’s like the sun’s saying, ‘come on, doesn’t it look fun out here?’ But when it’s raining…” The heavy sigh returned and Yuuri went back to his sulking. “…you just feel depressed.”

Yuuri had most definitely become the kingdom’s sun. In his presence, one just felt so carefree, like a child.

There was irony in that.

Julia had been like the moon and basked in night. Yuuri was like the sun and came alive in the day. It was strange to think that two people so different in that sense could have the same soul. They were like night and day, the two.

But…when it came down to it, both Yuuri and Julia made people feel happy. Both of them exuded good feeling, as their light. So maybe, in that respect, the sun and moon weren’t so different.

Perhaps night was more similar to day than people thought.

I hope this made sense…it seemed a little sloppy to me near the end. If anyone has an idea of a better way to word it, I’d love to know. But in any case, I just want to know what you thought of it. ^_^