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[Entry] Almost Like Normal. - Stupid wimps... can't even write a good fanfic. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Entry] Almost Like Normal. [Jul. 24th, 2006|04:56 am]
Write something, you wimps!!


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Title: Almost Like Normal.
Author: allira_dream/Kali Cephirot.
Rating: PG.
Spoilers: Um... nothing, really. Just know about both fandoms?
Wordcount: 1146.
Challenge Prompt: crossover.
Summary: Omi's friendship with Yuuri makes him feel almost like normal.

Almost Like Normal.

Omi’s friendship with Yuuri had been strange from the very beginning and full of coincidences, so many that he wasn’t quite sure he believed them at first like the way Mrs. Shibuya only bought flowers from their store (where Youji would flirt with her and, the times where Yuuri was dragged to carry the flowers, Yuuri would look at him in a ‘Have Mercy Pleeeeaaaaase.’) or the way the girls of his school were always swooning over the guys over Yuuri’s school; he still got a smile when he remembered the way some of the girls in his class had stared when Yuuri had been waiting for him outside of his school over his bike, that time they had decided to go and see that horror flick none of his other classmates or friends had wanted to go, and Yuuri had complained about the same. Now, a year after, Omi barely stopped to be amused by this little links, wondering if Yuuri ever thought about them.

It was nice to have normal friends. Not that Yuuri was boring, or anything. Yuuri was the must unnatural normal person Omi had ever met; sometimes he felt intrigued about him. When they had started becoming friends, Omi had been a bit startled to find that Yuuri truly thought the best of everyone, and always thought that people deserved a second chance, or the way he never seemed to get angry or, if he did, how he never stayed angry for long.

It was also reassuring to find people like Yuuri and his mom in the world (Yuuri’s mom called him Omi-chan and whenever Mrs. Shibuya went to the flower shop she always took cookies for all of them, and when she gave him his, she always whispered that there was a little bit more for him and that he should stay quiet, lest the other guys get jealous). It made him feel that there were even more reasons for Weiss to exist, so there would always be people like Yuuri, who would probably never know of the darkness of the world and who’s biggest worry probably was training for the upcoming baseball tournament.

“You’re distracted.” Yuuri commented. The other teen went to the store frequently, once the fans had cleared out, and he also helped when they let him, saying that he didn’t mind, even though he refused even a little tip.

Omi shook his head and smiled. “Just thinking. You finished?”

“Yup!” Yuuri stretched, arms high over his head, t-shirt riding up, his uniform jacket thrown over a chair. Omi caught sight of a blue pendant hanging just below Yuuri’s collarbone but he didn’t ask anything, instead running a mental list to be certain he hadn’t forgotten anything. “Ready to go?”

“Yup.” He was quite thankful that the only other one present at the moment was Aya, and thus he was spared of the embarrassment of Youji teasing him about going on a ‘date’, something that had happened before.

He did get the look that translated as Aya thinking that the whole thing was very stupid, and Omi could see why; getting attached to someone else, to someone who he’d never be able to tell about Weiss was dangerous, and if Yuuri ever found out, he knew it’d also hurt to see that realization come to his friend, but Omi just couldn’t give up on that friendship.

(Thankfully, Ken liked Yuuri, too, and they often talked about sports in a way that made it clear that they were oh so happy to have found someone that was also a sports freak; even if Ken had claimed that the boy had the wrong idea about what a good sport was, preferring baseball rather than soccer. Thankfully Yuuri hadn’t been near to hear that).

Once they were out of the flower shop and they started walking towards the movies, Yuuri made one of the most unexpected questions Omi would have waited for.

“D’you have a girlfriend?”

Omi stopped a moment, blinked, and then looked up towards Yuuri, a curious look on his face. Yuuri blushed and shook his head immediately.

“I was just curious! You don’t have to answer or anything!”

Fighting the wish to tease his friend about him being flustered, Omi bit his lip to refrain from laughing.

“No, I don’t. Why? Do you have a girlfriend, Yuuri-kun?”

“Me? No. Never had. Well, not exactly. I mean…” Even through his denial, there was something in his eyes when he said that. Longing? Sadness? Omi thought of the jewel that had shone between the folds of Yuuri’s shirt and looked at him again.

“You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to, y’know?”

Yuuri looked at him with a smile, before giving a sigh, slowing his steps and Omi did the same.

“I… there was someone, before. A friend. We were close and all and… ”

Yuuri had started to blush and Omi gave him what he hoped was a comforting smile. After that, Yuuri gave himself a tiny nod and then continued.

“It’s just…” the dark haired boy sighed. “… he fell in love with someone else. Another friend.”

Omi stared a bit after the pronoun said, giving a soundless ‘oh’ before he realized that that was what was causing the strange look upon Yuuri’s eyes, as if he didn’t know if he ought to be heartbroken or not, so he nudged him with his shoulder, softly.

“You loved him?”

“I…” Yuuri shook his head in a way that wasn’t a yes but wasn’t a no either. “I don’t know. We were friends, and he seemed… I mean, for the way he behaved, I really thought… and I am happy about them, really, but I just feel…”

“Left out?” Omi offered, and he was both glad and sorry that Yuuri gave a tiny laugh at that.

“I guess.” Yuuri gave him a smile again that wasn’t heartbroken but wasn’t happy either.

There were a thousand things he could probably tell him, but Omi wasn’t sure it was his place to do so. Until now, neither of them had ever spoken about relationships or liking, and it wasn’t as if he had much experience, either, because getting letters and rejecting girls wasn’t like that, not really.

Omi nudged at him with his shoulder again, giving him an encouraging smile. The thing he did know was that having Yuuri look sad was several kinds of wrong.

“I’m sure everything will work out for the best, Yuuri.” He omitted the kun on porpoise, knowing it’d gift him Yuuri’s beaming smile. “Don’t you agree?”

“Yeah, you’re probably right.” Yuuri did grin at him – Omi grinned back – and then, when he looked up, Yuuri had a fit. “Waah! We’re late for the movie! C’mon!”

And at the way they’re both laughing even when they’re running, Omi couldn’t help feeling almost normal, too.