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[Fic] Lessons in Baseball - Stupid wimps... can't even write a good fanfic. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Fic] Lessons in Baseball [Aug. 8th, 2006|09:17 pm]
Write something, you wimps!!
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Title: Lessons in Baseball
Author: Crystaltear
Rating: G
Wordcount: 305
Challenge Prompt: #6, Alternate Universe
Summary: Conrad teaches Yuuri about baseball.
Notes: This is a sidefic for inglorious_dmk's AU Kyou Kara Baseball!, which can be found here. (Go read it, it's so good!) Might want to read it first before this, although I think this can stand alone. Also, a huge thanks to coley_merrin for giving me the info on baseball. Half of the fic is from a conversation we were having..which I probably still got wrong, but oh well.

Shibuya Yuuri could have been doing many things that fine, sunny Satuday afternoon--sleeping in, for instance. But no, thanks to a bespeckled classmate who liked to dump responsibilities on others who will not be named, he was sitting with a notebook (the horror!) watching what he had always considered the most boring game in existance: Baseball. His only saving grace was the fact that he was in good good company. His new team manager, Conrad Weller, sat on the other couch watching the game intently and awaiting Yuuri's next question.

Boring or not, Yuuri had to admit that the game was surprisingly complex.

"Why did he just get to walk to third?" the teen asked his teacher of all-things-baseball.

"Because the umpire called a balk," Conrad explained, an amused smile on his face.


"The pitcher was trying to fool the runner into stealing a base, and the umpire caught him."

"Oh..man, they sure do cater to the runners with these rules."

Conrad laughed. "Perhaps. I'm glad you seem to be so dedicated in trying to understand the mechanics of the game," he mused as he watched Yuuri jot down some more notes.

"Well it's my job as manager of the team to know what's going on, right?" He jotted down an additional note. "Besides, I want to figure out what the most boring position on the team is so I can assign Murata to it."

"Ahh, an ulterior motive. How clever of you."

Yuuri grinned, pleased with himself. Really, Conrad made learning the game tolerable and almost fun. If it had be left to Murata, he would have been a lost cause. "Don't tell him though, okay?"

Conrad gave a secretive grin. " I won't say a word about why you'll be assigning him to center field."

In that moment, the true alliance was formed.

From: crystaltear
2009-05-31 12:45 pm (UTC)
I do not play baseball myself, but when I asked my friend who loves the sport which might be the most boring she said it depended, but it could possibly be center-field. No offense to the center-fielders out there!

Thanks for reading!
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