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Stupid wimps... can't even write a good fanfic.

But we love you anyway.

Write something, you wimps!!
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Welcome to the Kyou Kara Maou fanfic challenge community, writeyouwimps!

Fanfic challenges will be issued by the mods and posted in the main community monthly. The challenge prompts will consist of a word or phrase - perhaps even a quote from the series. Your job, as writers, is to create a story based on the prompt. Your fic can be any length (though please write more than just a sentence or two, kthanx), any pairing, anything - as long as it's KKM.

At the end of each monthly challenge, the mods will collect each entry and place them in the memories for the perusal of the curious and bored, and also because the mods like order (or at least this one does).

The Rules and Such:

1. All fics over 100 or so words should be placed behind an lj-cut. Learn to use this, it is your friend.

2. All fics should be posted with the following heading under penalty of death (only not really):

Challenge Prompt:

3. No off-topic posts, please! Only post if you have a fic to share, and note that only fics that apply to the challenge prompts issued should be posted in this community. Have a multi-chaptered cracktastical Yuuram fic? That's great, but if it doesn't fit the bi-weekly challenge prompt, we don't want it here. Try posting it here or here. If your post does not contain a fic inspired by the bi-weekly prompt, it will be deleted.

4. Feel free to post your fics elsewhere, though we'd appreciate it if you mentioned that it was written for writeyouwimps. :)

daisy_chan rocks for thinking up the community name.